Falcons go small (Free Agency Day Two).

Yesterday Atlanta signed a couple of defensive backs – Erik Coleman (FS; New York Jets) and Von Hutchins (CB; Houston) – presumably to start rebuild a new secondary without the soon to be departed DeAngelo Hall.

To be honest, I do not know much about either guy, but they are both very small. According to the Falcons site, Coleman is all of 5’11, while Hutchins is 5’10. I know Hall was not very tall, but he compensated with speed. At least he tried to compensate with speed as he was getting toasted every over weekend. These new guys just seem awful small to combat today’s taller and faster WRs.


2 thoughts on “Falcons go small (Free Agency Day Two).”

  1. why has Hall wore out his welcome?

    Not play up to expectations?

    Cancer in the locker room for defying Petrino?

    That’s tough to lose a top 10 pick in a couple of years with no prospect of compensation?

  2. I think he was over rated. He had games where he shut down WRs, but he also had plenty of games where he was burned. Far too often he depended on speed instead of skill … I am sure there are plenty of videos of him getting torched.

    Of course there is the famous blow-up game against the Panthers where Hall single-handedly cost the Falcons the game (my opinion). I was at the game, and while we were all boo’ing the calls, Hall was a complete ass to Petrino. In the end, maybe Petrino deserved it, but Hall is not bigger than the team.

    It looks like the Falcons are getting rid of anyone and everyone that supported Vick. Hall and Alge were two key supporters. I am sure the Falcons would say that these are just football decisions.

    It would be interesting to take a look at the Falcons top picks over the last few years. The track record is not very good.

    My opinion is that the Falcons should get as many picks as they can since they are rebuilding. Hall should be able to bring them something solid in return.

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