Crosman Sierra Pro goes under the knife.

I contacted the fine folks at Crosman about the strange happenings with my Sierra Pro.

Quick Recap: After a day of shooting (60-80) rounds, I put the gun away for a couple of hours, and when I went to use the gun again, it would not cock. After repeated failure getting the gun to “click” in the cocking position (the barrel just quickly returned to its normal position), I put the gun away for the night. The next day, the gun cocked normally, and seemed to work fine.

I sent the gun back to Crosman via FedEx Ground, at the recommendation of Crosman. Now I am waiting with baited breath to see what the Crosman folks find. Nothing at all, something abnormal, or maybe burrs that need to be removed (assuming they break down the gun). I have no idea if they are going to send me a new replacement, like they did with the scope, of if they are going to attempt a repair.

I do not think I am the only one that has issues with this gun because the site gets a fair amount of traffic for Sierra Pro searches. To give credit where credit is due, so far my experience with Crosman’s customer service has been excellent.


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