Too much to blog about …

It has been a while since I bothered to update this blog. I am surprised that anyone is still reading, but here we are and so I write.

I have decided I like some good old fashion country music, which plays into my most recent UK trip, but I am getting ahead of myself. First a bit (albeit small) of gaming. I did not bring out my PSP once on my flight over to the UK, not even on the couple of trains that I had to take to my final destination. Even on the flight back I only played a few minutes of Star Wars Battlefront Renegade Squadron and some Final Fantasy Tactics, which pretty much is a sign of serious gaming Mellon Collie, or just gaming Sadness. Either way, I now have serious questions about the viability of my PSP.

The boys (the baby is not part of this twosome yet) are getting new Nintendo DS systems for Christmas. My oldest is getting the crimson version, while the middle kid is getting the polar version. Maybe dad needs one two. Still plenty of time before Christmas.

While I was out of town my baby became a toddler, taking a good five or six steps at a time. My wife also tore up her ACL. On the flight back my luggage did not make the return trip. My car would not start; the battery was dead. The keyboard on my Dell Inspiron 6000 died. There has to be a country song somewhere in all the mess.

Chris is calling it quits on his IOSBL. Too bad. Lots of bad news in a short period of time.

Crosman is sending me a new scope.

Dell is sending me a new keyboard even though onsite keyboard replacement is not part of their warranty program.

I am listening to country music.

Sweet Water Georgia Brown is the beer of choice, with a little Crown to wash it down for good measure.

Georgia is in a no win Sugar Bowl versus Hawaii, while Texas is doing the Holiday thing again. Kind of a bummer on both accounts.

Discombobulated? Maybe. That is the way things have been of late. Let’s recap. No PSP gaming on two 8+ hour flights. Lots of country music (more on this later); delayed luggage, dead battery, and my wife torn her ACL all on the same trip. Lots of good writing material. I am not ready to make nice, but there is always tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “Too much to blog about …”

  1. At various times, considered getting a PSP or DS for long flights.

    But I don’t even listen to my iPod all the way through a flight, because I mostly listen to podcasts and I mostly try to sleep so don’t want to fall asleep listening.

    Actually make use of the IFE units on planes. They have a lot of simple puzzle games, which can eat up a good deal of time for me.

  2. I had my iPod on the whole way over to London. I cannot sleep on planes, at least not very well, so I like it to help give me a distraction from the plane noise. On this trip I managed to take a lot of cat naps, so the iPod was really handy.

    On the flight back, I mostly read, but I would still rather listen to my music instead of other people and plane noise.

    I think this was a 767 (seats 2-3-2) so there were no IFE units for a general distraction. Speaking of simple puzzle games, that is probably what I am missing the most in my portable gaming. I had a ton of great puzzle games (easy to pick up and play) when I had my NeoGeo Color Pocket; never should have sold the darn thing.

    My relationship with my PSP may be beyond repair …

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