Just Give Me Money! It’s All I Need!

My guild on Arathor is very small, but we are a pretty effective raiding team. There are only 28 characters in Shockforce and probably 20 human beings behind those toons. We split the guild into “raiders” and more “casual” gamers (they are all in Shadows of Shockforce). A requirement to move into Shockforce from SoS is that you have to finish the Karazhan key quest. Then you can enter Kara and enjoy the raiding fun!

I’ve seen a lot of guilds, talked to a lot of players, and I really like our small, close nit community. However, I thought it would be fun if I described in general terms the more annoying WoW gamers I’ve met along the way.

Mr. Please Help Me! – This is the person who joins a guild and expects everyone to drop everything and level his character. Since I didn’t have this luxury when I leveled my own toons, I have little patience for this type of person. Learn to play your class, and level on your own. It’s Ok to ask for help on some of the more difficult quests, but guilds aren’t power-leveling services.

Mr. Phat Loot! – This guy is playing WoW for one reason. He wants loot and doesn’t care anything about your guild. He’s the kind of person that will sell his grandmother for a ham sandwich. He’ll drop your guild as soon as a better opportunity comes along.

Mr. Drama Queen! – Everybody is picking on this player. Nobody likes him. Why didn’t he get picked for an instance run! Drama seems to follow this player wherever he goes.

Mr. I’m Too Leet! – A lot of Everquest refugees seem to fill out this profile. These players have seen it all, done it all, and don’t want to hear your noob suggestions. They are usually just marking time in your guild until they can get their application approved in a more “leet” guild.

Mr. Mo’ Money! – This player is constantly asking you for gold. Nevermind that you have to spend countless hours making your own cash, or so this kind of reasoning goes. He’ll spam guild chat asking for coins, and he’ll send you whispers begging for riches. And oh yea, he’ll pay you back! He swears!

Mr. I Can Swear Like A Sailor! – Want to read all of the known curse words in the English language? Enjoy seeing female body parts described in oh so sexy ways? This player aims to please. Usually between the ages of 12 and 15 (or at least acts that way) and probably never seen those aforementioned female body parts, the colorful language is quite entertaining. If you want to relive elementary school.

These are the major types of WoW-idiots one comes across every now and then. And they are annoying as hell some times. I particularly enjoy the kid who quit our guild SoS (where he constantly begged for money), joined a new guild, and continues to beg me for gold even though we’re not in the same guild.

He was the first member of my Arathor ignore list, hehe.


One thought on “Just Give Me Money! It’s All I Need!”

  1. Classic! ROTFL!

    Your next post should be on how to find a good guild. Looks like you have been in several, and have some experience on how to find something that works for you and the guild.

    I am having fun just playing alone, but I have had the most fun when I joined a party with a 2-3 other reasonable players. Good stuff, even it was only for 30-60 minutes.

    I cannot remember the name of the one guild I have joined, but I remember the constant chatter – give me so gold, help me on this quest, etc. Great post!

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