This is for Chris …

Just to piss him off a little bit, and hopefully get a reaction to get a post or comment or two, how about this one from ESPN

“The Reggie Bush aftermath: It will be fascinating watching what the Houston Texans do. A year ago, they made a last-minute decision not to take the best player in the draft — Bush. Instead, they took defensive end Mario Williams No. 1. Without a healthy running back, QB David Carr and the offense failed last season. Under coach Gary Kubiak, Houston has replaced the quarterback, halfback and fullback all for significantly more money than the starters who were under contract. Bush helped the Saints become a playoff team. The talk in Houston is that the Texans hope defensive end Gaines Adams will fall down to them at No. 10. That’s right, Gaines, like Williams, is a pass-rusher. The Texans want more sacks, but they can’t trade up for Adams. Imagine if they give up a good portion of this year’s and next year’s draft to move up to take another defensive end? They also aren’t going to get halfback Adrian Peterson, who will go third or fifth. At 10, the Texans might trade back if the right player isn’t there.”

It is always fun to bring this up just to piss Chris off … at least a little bit.


2 thoughts on “This is for Chris …”

  1. hehe, anybody who believes that Reggie Bush could be the number one back on the Texans is a fool. So if that is the argument from ESPN, they are idiots. However, where the Texans do come off as stupid is not drafting Vince Young. If they had any hesitation, any hesitation at all, about Carr, they should have drafted Young. This is where the Texans come off as idiots, not because they didn’t draft a highly overrated number two back. Bush isn’t the number one back on his own team. He wouldn’t last as a number one. The choice came down to Young vs. Williams and the Texans chose incorrectly.

    And I am all for drafting another defensive end because defense wins championships. Draft Peterson? You mean, broken down Peterson? Please.

  2. I figured that would get a beep out of you. :)

    I just posted the quote to get a rise out of you. I am with you 100% on Carr/Young. I am not sure anyone could have really predicted that Young would be so good so fast, but he has a couple of things going for him. When Young was at Texas, my dad used to tell me that everyone said Young had that “it” factor as a leader, he was a “nice” kid, and he was very intelligent (no matter what the wonderlick indicated). All of these are several things you never hear in the same sentence with Vick.

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