Well it’s official. There really is nothing worth reading in print about computer gaming. If I subscribed to any gaming publication (I don’t and haven’t for many years) it would have been Computer Games Magazine. Many of the old timers there grew up on the mean streets of the Usenet forums and went on to write some interesting stuff every now and then. CGM was the only magazine that I thought was at least trying to make things appealing to the over 20 crowd.

If CGM’s parent company TheGlobe, is the same group from, they may be the single most destructive influence in gaming publication that I can remember. The company destroyed Games Domain and anything else it touched. But you could see this coming ten or fifteen years ago as the gaming media slowly became too closely aligned with the products they sell and the PR groups that represent them.

Thank goodness for independent blogs! Here I can tell guys like Marc Duffy to go stuff themselves and not feel guilty at all! hehe


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