Last call for Falcons

I listened to the first part of last week’s Falcons game on the radio as I was driving to the airport.  I then watched the second half in an airport bar.  What I saw continued to disappoint me – the Falcons’ WRs basically suck.

Sure, Vick throws too many balls high, low, off center, in the ground, you name it, Vick is just not that accurate.  With that said, the receivers get paid to catch the ball.  If it hits their hands, they should catch the damn ball.  Except for the bird thing at the end of the game, I think Vick did everything he needed to do to win.  Too bad they did not pull it off.

Now what?  If the Falcons win today, and somehow manage to run the table, which let’s be honest, this is not likely.  Then maybe the Falcons have a chance at the playoffs.  It has to start today with a win over the Redskins.


3 thoughts on “Last call for Falcons”

  1. Well if it’s any consolation, Steve Young out here on a local radio show (in SF) says the Falcons lead the league in dropped passes.

    He cited that a couple of times when they asked him about Vick.

    I think he’s diplomatic because he knows Nora Jr. and Knapp.

  2. Young has also worked with Vick; I think Mora paid for him to come in an teach Vick about being a lefty QB.

    Not sure why the WRs drop so many damn passes, but they do, and it is killing ATL.

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