SEC Preview (Week 13)

After taking an accidental week off, I am back to show off my lack of prognostication skills.  Something like that.  Interesting slate of rivalry games this week, headlined by the LSU/Arkansas game this afternoon.

(9) LSU – (5) Arkansas
I keep reading that LSU is the best two loss team in the country, and I keep thinking that Arkansas is not the real deal.  This game should prove that Arkansas is a solid contender as they win the Golden Boot thingy.

(4) Florida – Florida State
Florida State will not ‘save’ their season.  Gators will win big in this mismatch of FL schools.

Kentucky – (19) Tennessee
If this game was in the Bluegrass State, I would call for a surprising upset, but that is not going to happen in Rocky Top.

South Carolina – (24) Clemson
Always a good one; hope we get it locally this year.  I have to go SEC in this one; Gamecocks in a minor upset over Clemson.

Mississippi State – Mississippi
I think they play for an egg or some such.  Not sure if either team is good enough to win an egg, but I have to pick someone, so how about the Bulldogs of Mississippi.

(16) Georgia Tech – Georgia
Which Georgia team is going to show up?  If the team that whipped Auburn takes the field, Georgia will win.  If not, oh boy, look for a major embarrassment.  I cannot stand the bumblebees, but I guess they have to beat us sooner or later.  I am going to go homer, and say that Georgia in a hard fought upset.

Texas just kicked off vs. A&M.  Hopefully the Horns bounce back and wrap up a spot in the Big 12 Championship game.  Hook ’em!

Go Dawgs!


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  1. Sad day for Texas fans, but after a five (or is it six) year run, you have to expect it to come to an end sooner or later. Lets start another five year run! Hook ’em!

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