US Soccer Gains Some Respect

Well, at least in Columbus, GA. I still do not understand why we do not get more major soccer coverage in our local paper. The paper does a decent job of spotlighting local interests – the strong showing from our local high school teams, and our new woman’s soccer team at Columbus State University (2005 co-champions of the Peach Belt Conference). OK, I know most of you do not give a rat’s behind about local soccer coverage in Columbus, GA, but there is a point.

The point is that get very little US National team coverage and very little MLS coverage. The lack of MLS coverage may be due to no regional ties. We do get MLS conference standings, complete with scores (not box scores), upcoming schedules, and the occasional brief (i.e. 50 words or less). The lack of Nation team coverage is bewildering, but I assume is a financial decision. Today we did get an AP story about Bruce Arena; a good quarter of a page, which is a ton for a soccer story.

Hopefully the build-up to the 2006 World Cup will get some play in The Sporting News, which does an abysmal job of covering soccer. I have written several letters to the editor begging and pleading with them to provide one page per issue for soccer coverage. I would love to coverage of the National team, highlights of US players playing overseas, and any MLS coverage the magazine throws my way (i.e. box scores, transactions, league leaders, etc).

One can continue to dream for respect.


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