New PSP Library Additions

I figured as long as I was shopping for everyone else, I may as well pick up some new PSP games for my upcoming vacation. Enter Bust-A-Move Deluxe, MLB ’06 The Show, and OutRun 2006 Coast 2 Coast.

I know many of you would consider Bust-A-Move pretty well played out, but I love me some bubble popping goodness. Besides I sold my PS2 (or was it PSX) copy a long time ago. This seems like an ideal fit for portable gaming, but now that I have a DS (er, I mean now that my son will have a DS next week) I have to wonder if that version is the best bet. Touch screen and all could be interesting.

I have also wanted a baseball game for a while, but have been debating on MLB 06 vs. the 2K6 game, which was the reason I was complaining about a lack of quality reviews a few posts back. I finally decided on MLB 06 for no particular reason. Hopefully it is solid and does not leave me wanting to try out 2K6 because I really do not want to spend $80 + tax on portable baseball games.

The wildcard here is OutRun. I have never been a fan of the Sega classic. In fact, I do not really remember being playing it more than occasionally way back when. I am also not a huge arcade racer fan, but it looks fairly interesting. I know longer have Ridge Racer – sold it a while back because there are only so many games I can play and WipeOut Pure and CMR area all the racing I seem to need. I have not read much about OutRun so I really do not know what I am going to get; sort of thinking about returning it, but it could be a good vacation gaming filler.

Will certainly post more if impressions are warranted (really, if I am in the mood to type about the games).


2 thoughts on “New PSP Library Additions”

  1. You’ll be pleased with MLB… I have it for the PS2, and it is outstanding. MLB 2k6 has had some major problems, as well as the usual 2K games quirks and bugs. MLB 06 is as good as about any other baseball game I’ve played, quite honestly…


  2. Kevin, why the heck are you not posting on your blog. The Olympics are long gone …

    Will certainly post some impressions of MLB ’06 after I have some time to throw it around a little.

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