No Fly List

I wasn’t around to write for the site because I had to fly to Tampa for a meeting on Friday. Imagine my surprise when I found out that I was on the “No Fly” list! It seems that evey Christopher Johnson in the United States was on the government watch list. This is not a trivial number of people. So, all of the thousands of us who aren’t terrorists have to fill out some forms and give three notarized (at our expense) copies of identification to TSA. And all of this apparently only makes us able to check in quicker – no more electronic check in for us, no more using the computer check in at the airport. For all of the Christopher Johnsons in the United States.

I’m all for increased security, but when you’re making lives miserable for a huge percentage of the named population, it seems a little silly to me and a pointless system. But I will bear my burden knowing that my inconvienance in airports is making everyone else safer to travel!


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