Three things happened while I was in London that potentially spoiled me to the local Columbus, GA cuisine for many (many) weeks to come. First, I had the best Chinese food ever – today’s take out from one of Tonya’s favorite places paled in comparison. Second, pizza will never be the same thanks to the Dickens Inn (near the Tower). Finally the beer – oh, the wonderfully delicious beer; the sheer variety of beer on tap in London is amazing.

Every once in a while I like diving into a cheap beer or two just to see what is what. I mean, I have kids to feed and all, so I have to be a cheap ass from time to time. To drown away my sorrows from today’s UGA loss, I picked up a six-pack of Pabst Blue Ribbon beer. [No I did not really drown away my sorrows, but it sounds like a good line.]

Typical American light lager, best served cold. Honestly not too bad, but certainly not that wonderful. Did you expect more for about $0.60 a pop top? Not much flavor to be had, but I do like this better than my other two cheap beer mainstays – SouthPaw Light and Natty Light (beer flavored water to coin a phrase of a co-worker). OK, PBR is certainly not in the same league with Amstel (the full-body version, not the light stuff) or Stella Artois, but PBR is refreshingly cheap.

To each their own, I suppose.


3 thoughts on “PBR”

  1. Not too many beers or anything in London for just 60 cents, I bet.

    They’re talking about banning smoking in pubs and restaurants in the UK.

  2. Oh and PBR figures into one of my favorite movie lines, from Blue Velvet. Not exact but it went something like this:

    "Heineken?" "Heineken?!?"

    "Pabst Blue Ribbon!"

  3. No, no beers for 60 cents, but since I was on company business, the corporate Visa paid my way. :)

    I would have no issue with them banning smoking in pubs – man you stink after a night out. I packed Fabreez for this trip; it did wonders to help take the smoke out of my stuff. In Georgia, restaurants have smoking bands – what a wonderful idea for those of us that do not want to smell like a cig.

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