Madden PC

I purchased the last copy of Madden NFL 06 PC at my local Gamestop this afternoon. An odd thing occurred during the purchase. After looking around for the game, I asked the clerk if they had the PC version available. He walked over to the display case and removed the box, which apparently had no CDs inside. While I was swiping my credit card, I noticed that he went into a draw and removed CDs to place inside my copy of the game.

Since it was the last copy in the store I didn’t complain, but is this common practice at Gamestop? Some sort of security deterrent? I was initially concerned that my product ID code wasn’t going to work if somebody else used the CDs. But I’ve loaded the game and everything is working just fine up to this point.

The first thing you’ll notice when Madden loads is the “NFL Exclusive License” text added to the familiar intro screen. Graphics are gorgeous at 1600×1200 32-bit with everything at the highest level. I played a quick game (Texans vs. Colts) and will post more impressions as I move through various modes. Geoff is getting a copy so we can try out the online features.


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