SEC Wrap Up – Week 8

Granted, I did not make any predictions this week, but I can still be a Sunday Morning Quarterback. This is America, were punks like me can sit back and call for a coach’s head, despite being completely ignorant of the program. Thus, call-in radio was born. Thankfully, the golden age of Internet trashing is here, were any dumb rock with a will to publish trash can well, start trashing his or her favorite program, schools that need to be thrashed, and pretty much any other whim that comes to mind.

Sure I am being a little preposterous, but that is what happens when I have too much caffeine from Dunkin’ Donuts. Go figure.

OK, on to the thrashing …

As depressed as I was last week after Georgia took it on the chin from the Volunteers, I was equally sick in my stomach last night as I realized Tennessee’s best chance for an upset went up in smoke with the porous Ol’ Miss 3rd down defense in the 4th quarter of Tennessee’s 21-17 come from behind win. I have to admit that the Rebels suck, but Tennessee has a great chance to run the table and represent the SEC East in Atlanta. That is pretty painful to say, but Tennessee’s remaining SEC schedule is not enough to strike fear into the heart of Erik Ainge (the Volunteers freshman QB): Alabama, at South Carolina, at Vanderbilt, and Kentucky. Can you say hello Atlanta?

Florida had their way with Middle Tennessee State, roughing up the Blue Riders for over 500 total yards in a lopsided 52-16 victory.

Alabama had an easy time of it with Southern Mississippi, winning 27-3, despite being without their starting QB and HB. Wow – what does that say about Nebraska, who the Eagles beat 21-17 in Lincoln back in early September. Sure Nebraska sucks, but I expected more of a fight from Southern Miss. Maybe that means there is some hope for the Tide to Roll, Roll, Roll over Tennessee this weekend. Maybe. Probably not, but one can always hold out some misguided hope.

In a match-up that had the appeal of a turd in a punch bowl, South Carolina pecked the Wildcats of Kentucky 12-7. Kentucky could only muster 230+ total yards to Carolina’s 300. Those paltry numbers have to be truly depressing for fans of these two teams.

I never thought I would say it in the Tommy Tuberville era, but Auburn looked pretty damn impressive in their dismantling of the Razorbacks from Arkansas. I never thought I would see the day when Jason Campbell was damn near perfect, racking up 297 yards and 3 TDs, completing 17 of 19 attempts. If Campbell can continue to play like that, a National Championship is certainly within the Tigers grasp. Unbelievable, and equally impressive. I have always said that the Tigers have the talent to be a top 10 team year in and year out, but I never thought they would put it all together under Tuberville. The rest of their schedule is easy, with only a November 13 clash at home with Georgia standing in their way of an undefeated season. I am almost speechless. Hats off to Auburn fans. War Eagle? Looks that way.

Georgia bounced back from last week’s disaster, dismantling Vanderbilt 33-3. The Dawg’s defense limited the Vandy to 187 yards, while the GA offense put together 527 yards, 273 on the ground. Freshmen Ware and Brown both had 120+ yards on the ground, which was impressive and may help to finally restore some luster to a University that once churned out halfback after remarkable halfback.

While it may sound disrespectful to talk about the future instead of the present (Tennessee has the East locked up), the future for Georgia does look bright. Georgia has 17 seniors on this squad, 20 juniors, 30 sophomores, and 49 freshmen. If talented freshmen such as Ware and Brown continue to bubble up, maybe, just maybe Georgia can run the table sometime in the next few years.

For now, I am a Tide fan, Roll bloody Tide, Roll!


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